Client Projects Past and Present

Surface Trader

Client: Surface Trader Inc., FL
Project: Web portal for the flooring industry.
Solution: Custom web site and application for the flooring (surfaces) industry. Database driven web site for Commercial and Retail Flooring Dealers to sell, buy and exchange excess inventory.

Quaint Essential Antiques

Client: Quaint Essential Antiques, Largo, FL
Project: Point of sale application
Solution: Custom desktop application for an antique mall setting , allowing for custom commission schedules, multiple vendors and booths, using a SQL Server database as the back-end. Dealers can get detailed daily and historical sales data online.

Budding Artisans

Client: BuddingArtisans.com, Largo, FL
Project: Website for retail location featuring new and emerging artists
Solution: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) based website for maintainability.

Duct Busters

Client: Ductbusters franchise, Clearwater, FL
Project: Core scheduling, estimating and project management for air-duct cleaning and remediation.
Solution: Busterlink, a custom Windows application which was a finalist in the 1997 Windows World Open competition in Atlanta, Georgia.
Data Grande Vitessa
Client: Data Grande Vitesse
Project: Website and computer services
Solution: Custom software design



Client: Genca, Clearwater, FL
Project: Three Axis LASER powered diamond boring CNC system.
Solution: C language application utilizing a custom written scripting lanquage with tracing and runtime stepping capabilites on proprietary three-axis hardware. (Project had been previously attempted by two other developers who gave up).

Gase Savers of America


Client: Gas Savers of America
Project: Create website for marketing hydrogen-hybrid vehicle kits
Solution: Design and layout, look-and-feel, graphics design. Paypal integration and affiliate system.

Heritage Medcall


Client: Heritage Medcall, Tampa, FL
Project: Sentry Freedom Wireless Emergency Call and Smoke Warning System designed specifically for Independent and Assisted Living Facilities
Solution: System using 900Mhz spread spectrum wireless technology with full device supervision. Master and remote consoles, wired and wireless paging, voice announce, email reporting, and dialup voice announcements.


Jardin Botanique

Client: JardinBotanique.com
Project: Website as a gateway to Botanical Gardens around the world.
Solution: Another of our properties.


QEM Manufacturing

Client: QEM Inc, Largo, FL
Project: Website for a local manufacturing job shop.
Solution: Created website, took photographs of products, manage email system and IT support.


Safe Harbor Software

Client: Safeharbor Software, Inc, Treasure Island, FL
Project: Estimat-All, a Windows based application for estimating and layout for the flooring industry
Solution: Created custom application for digitizing paper floorplans and onscreen takeoff from electronic plans in many source formats. Provides for custom seaming of carpet and other roll goods.


For Sissies

Client: forSissies.com
Project: Book publishing website and order fulfillment
Solution: Created logo and look-and-feel of web site, registed Trademark for Sissies® with the US Patent and Trademark Office. IT support and website maintenance.


Tampa Bay Computer Society

Client: Tampa Bay Computer Society, Clearwater, FL
Project: Provide Paypal payment gateway. Prevent harvesting of emails by Spammers
Solution: Set up Paypal account, integerated Paypal into web site.
Created a JavaScript method that 100% prevents email harvesters using any kind of remote application or bot.



Client: VBSIG of the TBCS, Clearwater, FL
Project: Operate the Visual Basic Special Interest Group for the Tampa Bay Computer Society.
Solution: Group leader of the VBSIG continually since Visual Basic’s introduction in 1991. The VBSIG of the TBCS is the longest running Visual Basic SIG in existence.

Wiley Publishing

Client: Wiley Interscience Publishing, Hoboken, NJ
Project: Online version of the Polymer Handbook
Solution: Converted paper version of book into a Java based custom web site with an Oracle database back-end on Sun hardware and OS. Made entire book searchable across chapters and data tables on an exhaustive number of fields.

Client: VirtualMailer.com
Project: One of our properties
Solution: Web services for webmasters
Note: The VirtualMailer.com domain is for sale… contact us